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The Wisdom app, by MicroStrategy, offers some great data for infographics on all sorts of things.
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the holiday gift guide is shown in blue and white, with an image of people on it
Wisdom's Holiday Gift Guide
Check out this holiday gift guide based on people's Facebook likes. We analyzed more than 17 million consumers to find out what products they Like th
an info sheet showing the different types of boats in the water, and how they are used
Who's Winning the Facebook Olympics?
Check out which athletes, countries, and teams have the best Facebook game in this infographic created by MicroStrategy's Wisdom app, www.wisdom.com.
an info poster with many different people in it
Ever wonder what Republican Party fans are like?
the top ten books on this website are all in one column, and there is also an article about them
Analysis of Republican Presidential Candidates Fans, with data provided by Wisdom.
the graph shows that people are using facebook
A breakdown of Coke vs. Pepsi fans by age, according to Wisdom.
the oscars according to wisdom, best picture moments infographical poster
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And the winner is - Oscars insights with data provided by Wisdom.
an info sheet with some cartoon characters on it and the names of their favorite sports teams
Giants fans favorite book is Wimpy Kid and Patriots fans favorite book is Harry Potter