Hahaaha I am one of the shortest people I. My group of friends! Rense Rense Rense Rense Rense Deeley Brenner Doshi Doshi Doshi Doshi Doshi Blasier Harmon Harmon Harmon Harmon Harmon Davidovich Martinez Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Chiles

Can't tell you how many times I have waited for a really tall person just to reach an item at the very back of the top shelf! ugghh

Short girl problem! It's funny because my best friend is a little taller than I am, so when I wear heels and she wears flats, it evens out. We were stuck in this pattern for almost a month, lol.

[Man I rem those days. That is why I mostly wear skinny jeans and if I'm wearing flare jeans/pants its with heels or its hemmed] Short people problem Holes in the bottoms of your pants legs because they drag on the floor.

Short People Problems - I asked my landlord if he they were going to put safety chains on the doors, and he said, "Oh no, I am sure you can see through the peephole."