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    Dive without tanks, by turning oxygen into water. Wait, by extracting exogenous from water. Right...

    Real or Fake? Revolutionary Scuba Mask Could Create Breathable Oxygen Underwater On Its Own

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    TrackR bravo is a small, coin-sized tracking device that you can attach onto any device or belonging. Download the Free TrackR app - then use the distance indicator, separation alerts, phone finder, and Crowd GPS features to find your TrackR in seconds!

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    New Microsoft holographic fun. A bit nerdier than even Glass!

    Microsoft HoloLens

    A shirt flush with microchips! Hana V

    Ralph Lauren Surprises World With High Tech Polo Shirt

    Infographic of key points from white paper: Fitness & Health Tracking Trends Report, Wearable Technology & Preventative Healthcare

    Trends in Wearable Technology & Preventative Healthcare

    List of all the FitBit Badges

    FitBit Badge List

    List of all the Nike+ Badges

    Nike+ and NikeFuel Badge List

    The device that's likely about to dominate the wearables space!

    Apple - Apple Watch

    LumaFit Tracks 3D Motions For Exercises

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    Microsoft's jump into the wearable market, on the shelf in time for the holidays!

    Microsoft Band | Official Site

    Finally, something I can do with all that NikeFuel! I just might have to fly to some exotic place to use it...

    Nike has a vending machine that lets you trade Fuel for gear

    I had no idea these were so widely available now. Watch plus a little heads up display action for iPhone!

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    Get shocked if you don't work out!

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    Been looking at wearable cameras recently. My testing nets that the little ones might just be a little too shaky for prime time...

    Narrative - Remember every moment

    Probably the coolest tech on the market. Except it's not yet. But soon...

    Meet Moov: your personal coach

    Sleekest tracker to date

    Discover Withings Activité

    Too bad it doesn't really work with an iPhone!

    Samsung Gear Fit wearable tech fitness tracker Review | Stuff

    And a device just for good posture!

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    Kreyos, same screen as the Pebble but with a few more sensors.

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    It's too bad one of the least useful (in terms of interacting with the app ecosystem) of the wearables is also by far the coolest.

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    Galaxy Gear over 800,000 back in November. Wonder what the holidays did for sales...

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    No better looking than Google Glass, but almost a better concept

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    Fitbit Force Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband - Small Slate

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