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Ewa Krzemińska

Ewa Krzemińska
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Bob and blonde hair color is a great match if you want to look both stylish and appealing. Bob and blonde hair looks good every woman 2017 2018 and amazing.

Secret Student - Choose one student per day and place their name in tin. Reveal at the end of the day. Student takes home small certificate if they made good choices.

Primary Possibilities: Positive Behavior Rewards SECRET STUDENT--so much fun, Love this idea! If the secret student has done well then all get a positive reward. All have to work hard just incase it's them.

Classroom Coupons. These could be very useful to students because we learned in our Behavioral Management class that many students act out because they are seeking attention. This is a way to give positive attention to students (not necessarily only disruptive students). Can give students a sense of purpose and and extra confidence in the classroom. Great rewards for good behavior. ~Amanda Gray

Classroom Management - Reward Coupons that DON'T COST MONEY -Music choice -Raffle entry -Swip Swap Seats -Show and Tell -Teacher's Desk -Computer activity *When each student gets 5 points they can get a coupon on "trading day"

Teaching Children Not to Be Rude. Morning Meeting

Toothpaste Squirt Lesson for teaching kids not to be rude and put down others.OMG I did this on the first day of school and it really stuck with the kids Teaching Children Not to Be Rude!