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    Essential Questions for the Music Classroom--includes 28 essential questions for K-5, a detailed checklist, an editable template, and more!

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    Music Room Rules - these rules come with a corresponding song for each rule to help students remember them and to make learning them more fun. I put magnets on the back of my rules and stick them right to the board. #KodalyInspiredClassroom #BTS #bts15 #teachersfollowteachers #i teach too #musicteacher #elmused #Kodaly #Orff #musicroom #musiceducation #musedchat

    Music Room Reveal 2015

    Music in the Clasroom: Pump up the Jams- playlists with appropriate songs for students

    Music in the Clasroom: Pump up the Jams

    "LET IT GO" 乎伊去- Frozen (COVER by Punch 打擊樂團 / Punch Percussion Group) ->>> get out the chromatics!!!

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    Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources

    Music dynamics Great assessment sheet for K-1 "voice types" and where to use them.

    Beg, Borrow, and STEAL

    Make Music Worksheets Using My FREE png Files

    Make Music Worksheets Using My FREE png Files

    Open...The Best Rhythm Bingo Game Ever – Perfect for a Substitute

    The Best Rhythm Bingo Game Ever – Perfect for a Substitute

    Elementary Music Classroom Door

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    Music transposition chart

    Music Theory Lesson: Learn How to Transpose Music

    Highlight sections to practice.


    Brain Breaks for the music room #elmusiced #musedchat

    Brain Break Bundle

    This is a bell-ringer or little mental warm up for any music class - the picture is a bird completely made of musical symbols. It's cute, With my middle schoolers I simply asked them to label the different symbols, but you could certainly flesh out this assignment by asking for definitions of the different symbols, or even ask students to find examples of these symbols in their pieces.

    Bell Ringer - Music Symbols Bird

    Chevron Instrument Labels - Thinking of Dora and her new role as a music teacher =)

    Chevron Instrument Labels

    Back to School 2015-2016 - National Association for Music Education (NAfME)National Association for Music Education (NAfME)

    Back to School 2015-2016 - National Association for Music Education (NAfME)


    Bulletin Boards

    My students are actually practicing in one of the most efficient ways I have found to commit a piece to memory - here's how!

    It’s Simple, It’s Super, It’s ‘Tap Practice’ – Revolutionize Your Students’ Performance Prep

    12 bar blues chord progression!

    The Blues Progression - Global Guitar Network

    ♪ Lots of music education puzzles and games can be found here! ♪ Great to have in your music teachers 'tool kit' for early finishers or sub lessons!


    Organized Chaos: Teacher Tuesday: teaching letter names of notes on the staff (part 1). Ideas to teach note letter names on treble or bass clef with the full class. King of the Mountain/ Around the World, Floor Staff Races, Swat the Note, Videos, Xylophone Relay, Hand Staff.

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    Bucket Drumming 101 | Music Resources + Curriculum | MORE teaching+reaching | LESS stressing+guessing

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    Music room piano. Dollar store gift wrap, black construction paper and electrical tape.

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    Armed with these 5 ways you'll be able to touch on all learning styles you have in your studio.

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    Montessori-inspired Music Activities with Free Printables from Every Star Is Different

    Montessori-inspired Music Activities

    ♫ The puzzle contains 20 commonly used music theory terms hidden in a word search. But there is a twist......... ♫ Students need to know the answers to the clues provided to discover what words are hidden in the word search!

    Music: Word search of commonly used terms