Knitting Can Be Funny

Jokes, silly things I'll never make, famous people knitting, and other funny stuff related to knitting.
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Wonder Woman -- Can't you see she's busy?

Las estrellas tejen VIII

HIPOTA : 魚ブローチ knit me a fish

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How To Humiliate The Dog.

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Dangerous Dowager Countess

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Yarn bombing en Kamakura - Japón

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Halloween yarn bomb

Great T!

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Grandma's Grapevine: As You Knit, So Shall You Frog

Hoard ALL the yarn.

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This is so wrong.

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Yet another example that just because you can knit something, it doesn't mean that you should knit it.

Men's Fashion Week London Knitwear: Seriously

Further proof that just because you *can* make it doesn't mean that you *should*.

stinehoelgaard: hækling

What would Freud say about his face on some mittens?

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Yarn: Cheaper Than Crack ... Usually

Cheaper than crack bumper sticker

Maybe knitting will make him stop yelling all his lines. Also: gun cozy FTW!

I Knit London

Knitted Spare Tire Cover, the pattern is the Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood. Want!

Ravelry: pioneerspinster's Spare Tire Cover

It needles me that knitting accidents get so little respect.

Funny Math Pictures

Knitting is like sex...only knitting takes longer.

Ravelry - a knit and crochet community

... with my eyes closed using midnight-blue yarn, Jack!

Ravelry - a knit and crochet community

Is this funny, or is this just true?

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What I actually do is pretty much what I actually do. Maybe with needles in my hands, though.

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I need this on a t-shirt.

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Knitting and puns: the go well together.

Ravelry: AnnSeena's Felted Clogs 'cuz everyone loves them

One does not simply purl seven together.

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In the event you were thinking you had a hard day, remember that there are others who are worse off.

Ravelry: International Cat Hat: USA pattern by Stacy Mar