Baby in big nerd glasses asleep on a pile of books. So cute. Totally going to have to do this with my future kids, like mama, like baby - book worm!

this bookmark should be easy to make

Inspired by reading about the wicked witch of the west, Kira Nichols created this polymer bookmark complete with ruby slippers. It's a reminder that polymer is a great medium for a quick laugh and or a fun well as for great art. The l [.

20 Inspiring Children's Book Quotes | Quotery

20 Inspiring Children's Book Quotes [Infographic]

See if students can match quotes with the correct book. Have all the books on hand for students to read, if they are interested. High school students should read more picture books. 20 Inspiring Quotes from Children's Books


"To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life. Somerset Maugham Totally Relatable Quotes About Books)

must buy stamps to personalize book gifts

Personalize Your Books (and book-gifts) … Use rubber stamps to decorate the edges with your message or design. Secure the edges firmly as you stamp. via martha stewart

Geweldige randjes - slingers, Free pattern

AO - Crochet Edging & Braid 2

CROCHET edging & Braid 100 (II) Asahi - Fien Harini - Picasa Albums Web Many super cute edging charts !

Truer words were never written.

i have always loved this quote. would be a nice bookmark to include in a favor bag/as a gift to everyone that attended the shower. "children are made readers on the laps of their parents"


Quotes: "Sometimes, I pretend to myself that I have insomnia. When what I really have is a good book and inadequate respect for tomorrow.

Anthropologie Book Tree = Divine

Christmas tree made from hard back books! Don't donate your old books before Christmas! Use them to create the perfect tree! A book lovers perfect Christmas!

Crochet flower corsage 100


Crochet flower corsage 100 crochet projects, flowers and leaves, by Asahi Original

Crochet Girls Patterns, free book

On Sale Crochet Girls Patterns Japanese Crochet Book 100 patterns Edging, Motifs, Flowers, doilies (Ship from US)

Hearts, free book

Asahi original crochet heart pattern

Hearts, free book

Asahi original crochet heart pattern