i take it as a compliment, black is my favorite color

Oh My Freaking Stars!: An Adorable Bundle

Oh My Freaking Stars!: An Adorable Bundle.this is how I feel with my pup sometimes, lol!


haha i love making stupid drivers funny and not rageworthy


Funny Flirting Ecard: I love the sound you make when you shut up.


Funny ecard: From this point on, I plan to treat people exactly how they treat me. Some will be glad. Others should be scared ;

"As soon as someone invents a time machine, I'm going back to when being fat and pale was a sign of nobility"

Yes I would fit perfect back then.

My "Shut up" face must look very similar to my "Tell me more" face. I'll have to work on that | eCards// Aw, but still funny.

that's been my problem the past few months. Gotta work on that.

Free Funny and Witty Ecard: only-person-scared-of-myself-bitch-is-crazy-ecard-funny

Did you know... <hehe>

Did you know that narcissist spelled backwards is asshole? Hey, if they can make shit up, so can we. - funny humor ex

Have some fun with your life funny quotes @funnycrazyviral

Have some fun with your life - funny quotes - Jokes, Memes & Pictures

It's true!

Funny Farewell Ecard: I don't just burn bridges, I drain the lake, fill it with concrete and build a shopping mall on that bitch.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 35 Pics

"I don’t trip…i do random gravity checks" life of a klutz.

Job & Work quote & saying Work Quote : OhmyGosh! The quote Description Work Quote : OhmyGosh!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 34 Pics

Caution: When someone says "get a grip," apparently around their neck is NOT what they meant.

there is a list of people

Funny ecard - I wish you were a pinata

I'm calling bullshit