Nursery Decor, baby girl or boy, "No one will ever know the strength of my love for you" quote sign, new mom gift. This is the most beautiful thing I think I have EVER SEEN.

How to be a calm parent

How to Be a Calm Parent

How to be a calm parent -- even when challenging times strike! Everyday things any parent can do to calm down, find their center and respond with love not anger. Pinned now to read later, wan to make big changes.

love love love this

Isn't this so precious for a little girl's room? Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains. There's even a tutorial on how to do it yourself!Little girls room? This applies to me at


Brandon would love this for our daughter someday! :) "I'm not allowed to date.

A ring made from your child's artwork! HOW STINKING COOL! I am going to have to get one of these. Maybe have each kid draw a pic of themselves. This would be an amazing mothers day gift!

Family Ring $299

Silver family ring using your childs art as jewelry: Family portraits by your kids wrapped around your finger. Hand cut in sterling silver,

The way to treat kids...

How to Respect Your Child listen to her. keep her secrets. tell her how she is special. don& correct her in an embarrassing way; take her into another room. ask for her opinion. don& mock, belittle, or put her down in any way.

cowboy boots and tutus

It made me stop and think how blessed we are for simple things like pictures! Pictures of adorable children can't help but make you smile.


Broken Water Baby Shower Game :) Take An Ice Cube. When Your Ice Melts And Baby Is Free, Shout My Water Broke! First Water Breaking Gets A Prize. -this is so wrong but soooo funny !

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