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    True story

    i'm going to bed


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    And then the Target lady is like, "Have you heard about Cartwheel? It's great! You print bar codes, add offers, and individually scan each item you're buying on your phone and it saves you money!" Then I'm like do you see how I am holding my standing toddler in the child seat with my foot while simultaneously singing the alphabet to distract him and grabbing my five year old by the back of his hoodie before he empties this entire shelf of York peppermint patties while also shoving my phone, which is constantly on 8% battery charge, deeper in my purse because if either of them glimpse it they will both start yelling for it? Do you really think Cartwheel is a good fit for me??? I'M IN A RACE AGAINST TIME BEFORE SOMEONE NEEDS TO--OR IS--POOPING!!!

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    Kids it's time to go.

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    The worst kind of regret:

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    A Lady could be a morning person if morning happened around noon. #ladyclothing

    Lady by Rowdy Gentleman on Instagram: “A Lady could be a morning person if morning happened around noon. #ladyclothing”

    Nibbled to death by ducks.

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    This is so funny to me.

    We all have that one friend on Facebook…

    Why is this so funny and great?

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    Feminist Cinderella does what she wants.

    Amsterdam Areoport

    New Favorite Tumblr: Saving Room for Cats. This is what men are doing on public transport- saving room for really really big cats between their legs! It's actually nothing about dominating public space!

    New Favorite Tumblr: Saving Room For Cats

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    A question I ask myself every morning

    The introverts creed

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    There is truth here.

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    Unfortunately, I completely agree! #meme #funny #yourecards #someecards #facebook #fb #pinterest #people #life

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    Unsolicited Parenting Advice – Its not always bad but when its bad, its truly terrible.

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    Julia Child

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    This is brutal, but so funny to me!

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    Get a tattoo or have a baby?

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    I love grumpy cat.

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    The best sign of a healthy relationship is little sign of it on Facebook. Relationship status updates don't count. Why would your friends not want to know?

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    Email Process of the INFJ...

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    People who hate Ron must also hate friendship and love.

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