Ereri -  Eren x Levi -Minicomic by EryenArt

Ereri - Eren x Levi -Minicomic by EryenArt on DeviantArt. I'm dying from the sexiness of Captain Levi

+KEVEDD+ Part 2 by on @deviantART

More Kevin x Double D XP (there's gonna be a lot of that in this board.

They're so kyute~♥[DOUJINSHI] Shingeki no Kyojin Ch.2 page 21 at

First i were like OMG cute than i clicked on it Found the Complete Comic and were like wtf o.

Kevedd...... i don't remember downloading this! ._.

Nat creeping in the back tho! XD also this is disturbing but I've seen worse lol.

Free! (Yaoi) - Tachibana Makoto

💋😘👌 I really wish I could be Makoto’s Seme (;