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    Not Consumed Parenting

    Parenting doesn't have to be as hard as we make it. God has given us an amazing blueprint, as well as each other. On this board you will find everything from diapers to diplomas. It's Christian parenting no matter what your life's circumstance may hold.

    Not Consumed Parenting

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    Are parents of this generation becoming more selfish and narcissistic? Will the complaining and name-calling of children ever stop? Will parents ever find enough "me-time?" Will moms ever own up to our responsibilities? You decide and let us know!

    One simple way I spend one-on-one time with my kids! Pint-sized Treasures

    Find out some super important ways to encourage independence in kids --- thy need it! Pint-sized Treasures

    Including kids in the kitchen can be fun as long as you know what to expect! Here are 10 expectations for all parents to keep in mind when cooking with kids.

    Do you feel overwhelmed as a new mom, single mom, stay at home mom, homeschool mom or work at home mom? I can totally relate. Come read about how I learned to stop trying to do it all and live a life of balance and joy.

    What does Christian Parenting have to do with oversleeping? What a sobering and thought-provoking article

    5 great tips for high energy kids

    Do you have a very active child? I have two! I have found a secret weapon that helps my active kids calm down, focus on schoolwork during the day and sleep well at night. This is definitely a must have for special needs moms.

    19 Totally Awesome Fall Dates

    Believe me, if you could have seen the cyclone back then, you'd know why I had to do something. Whether it's church, school, or even homeschool co-op... we need a plan to get our mornings off to a great start!

    My kids have an early bedtime, they go to bed at 7:30. Yes it's early but it keeps them well rested, manages behavior problems and special needs and gives mom some much needed downtime at night.

    After seeking for wisdom on this thing called parenting, a mom of five grown children finally let me in on a secret. The secret to successful parenting. This is it.#parenting #raisingkids

    Do your kids respect authority? Some things you might want to consider...

    Sometimes mothering can take it's toll on us. Especially single moms. In the past I have let the stress of life cause me to blow it with my children. But there's always a way to redeem and start fresh. Here are some encouraging words from my heart to yours.

    THIS WORKED! Reset a bad day with the kids using this simple tip.

    Your kids gain so many benefits form you staying married. Find out how staying married can make you a better parent! Pint-sized Treasures

    Helping kids connect there there is a BIG age gap is super important! Find out how YOU can help your kids connect and cultivate awesome relationships with their siblings --- even when there is a BIG age gap! Pint-sized Treasures

    Do you ever feel like mothering is just too hard and the demands too great? Here's an encouraging look at how Jesus meets our needs right there in the middle of hard, demanding moments. A must read for weary moms!

    4 Easy Ways to Prioritize Family Even When Life Gets Busy -- I love #3!!

    Teaching Children how to Problem Solve. This is such an important skill to learn for life.

    Got a special project to do? Need an at-home date with your spouse? Wan to make an important phone call? Those moments you need your kids to go to sleep fast. Here are two sneaky tips to get it done! #parenting #kidsandsleep #bedtime

    October is National Work & Family Month - Click here to see 4 valuable resources full of tips to help manage work and life. - Work-Life Wednesday Series from

    How to Help Your Child Memorize Scripture - lots of good ideas here!

    $10 Date Idea -- this sounds like so much fun!