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Choose from among this list of math movies to celebrate Pi Day this March 14.


Best Math Movies to Watch on Pi Day March 14

Look what I found at UncommonGoods: Genius Socks for $8 #uncommongoods


Genius Socks | math socks for women

Look what I found at UncommonGoods: Math Glasses - Set of 4 for $38 #uncommongoods


Math Glasses - Set of 4 | nerd glasses, geek drink, math

PowerPoint Game Templates

PowerPoint Game Templates - Best Teacher Resources Blog

5 Math Games Every Classroom Needs to Play - Awesome guest post and freebie by Leigh from the Applicious Teacher with 5 terrific (and easy) math games

5 Math Games Every Classroom Needs to Play

12 Absolute Delights Only Math Lovers Can Enjoy

12 Absolute Delights Only A Math Lover Can Enjoy


WeAreTeachers: 10 Magical Math Puzzles

Visualizing Numbers... Matt Henderson

Visualising numbers (100, 243 and 12) by splitting... - matthen

Math is easier, fun with logic. Cool logical puzzle iphone/ipad app for elementary school kids. Builds logical thinking, problem solving skills and focus.

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Spotted in the Stanford Math Department (photo cred: Jessica Su)

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PEMDAS Humor - Clever visual representation of Order of Operations

Not So Humble Pi -The funnier side of math

Equation Top-it: Two-Step Equations! It is similar to the card game War but students must solve two-step equations to get their solution. Comes with a beginner and difficult set (40 equation cards in each set). Great for middle school math classrooms during algebra units. Works as a math center or as a whole class game in partners.

Teachers Pay Teachers
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An interactive game that reinforces and reviews several topics found in high school math courses.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Jeopardy Style High School Math Game

5 Principles for Using Manipulatives Effectively in the Classroom - Great tips we all need

Minds in Bloom

5 Principles for Using Manipulatives Effectively in the Classroom

A Stunningly Simple Way To Explain Pi

A Stunningly Simple Way To Explain Pi

Math games organized by topic into Dollar Tree baskets.
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quadratic formula - Google Search

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Image Search Results for math graffiti posters

math graffiti posters - Yahoo Image Search Results

Use these apps as a fun way to practice math skills, whether you are at home or in the classroom!

Free Math Apps By Grade Level

Woodstock rationalizes the denominator.

Maths links -

Five Board Games! Fun, Engaging, Challenging! 45 questions (game cards) per game will provide many class periods of valuable group activities with a purpose. There is a separate game for each common core domain in 7th grade. Each game may be purchased individually, also.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Math Board Games Bundle 7th Grade - (7.RP, 7.NS, 7.EE, 7.G, 7.SP)

23 multiplication apps for kids - lots of these are free!

Imagination Soup

23 Best Multiplication Apps for Kids - Imagination Soup

Students create their own Math Mania Review Game and challenge their classmates! Great end of the year review resource.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Math Review Game
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Freaky Fractions... Games and a Freebie! This is a terrific game for centers and small groups…other good ones here too that would be perfect for math centers/stations!

Dragon's Den Curriculum: Freaky Fractions... Games and a Freebie!