Solar Ovens cooking smores...this would be a fun science project!

how to make a solar oven from a pizza box - The tinfoil reflects the suns heat into the box lined with black paper. Apparently she has cooked cookies this way as well! Below is a tutorial for how to make a solar oven from a pizza box.

botany scavenger hunts for nature walks; science

This Botany Scavenger Hunt is for older kids. It could be started in the greenhouse where we have a large variety of leaves but take the hunt home with you to work on it all spring and summer.

Science Journals... lots of ideas!

activity for science notebooks on lab safety -- many, MANY links on interactive notebooks

Welcome to The Schroeder Page!: It's All About Penguins & a FREEBIE!

Friends~I hate to break the news to you but WINTER BREAK is almost over! My mind is whirling about ideas for Back to School in My bi.