Art Mash: Quick and Easy Year End Activities #5

In progress cardboard assemblage sculptures - 8th grade

Egyptian art with tooling!

Middle school, Ugly Jugs paper mache project - fall 2013

3rd Grade Swan bird reflections

#monochromatic #colortheory #art #middleschoolart #tint #shade Students used drafting tape to create interesting sections, chose a color and started to mix tints and shades.

Teaching fractions of an inch…Color the ruler!

6 ways to make art using nature - Earth Art!

Hands On As We Grow

Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists: One point, two point Perspective Drawing

Idea - Use as inspiration for art lesson... empty bottle, elongate with foil. Cover all in masking tape. Cover with paper mache or paper clay. Gotta love this

50 Amazing Middle School Art Lessons from The Art Teacher on (51 pages) - As an art teacher for many years, I've found that you can never have too many art ideas...especially at the middle school level. This PowerPoint presentation contains well nearly 200 pictures and shows 50 new, tried and true art lessons that I'v

1) Discuss value of colours and gradients. 2) Choose a colour 3) On two equal sheets of paper students paint the spectrum of their colour (starting at almost white and going up to dark verisions). To start they need to have white and SLOWLY add TINY amounts of their colour -- easier than adding white to the colour. 4) After it dries, they choose shape. 5) Cut out TONNES of the shapes, small, big, etc. 6) Glue them onto the other sheet and overlap them all over. They will dem...

How to Draw an Impossible Square Illusion -

Are you teaching middle school history? Middle school history is a easy and fun to teach using these ten tips.

Classically Homeschooling

1 pt Perspective: Mixed Media Collage... AND an awesome website with GREAT IDEAS!!

I dont know how i would exactly do this. But this could be a really cool classroom art project

cardboard balancing sculptures made with magnets

students sign out when they leave the classroom - brilliant!


Splish Splash Splatter: 5th Grade

Use a cup or bucket to trace the outlines of one size of a circle, and choose alternating or fading colors to fill in the lines.

Optical Art Composition for Elementary and Middle School from Brooks Art Gallery on - (10 pages) - An art video lesson the students will put together a black and white cut paper composition. They will learn the elements and principles of art. My videos can be used as a tutorial or in the classroom.

Middle school freebies for math, science, social studies, classroom management, and holidays from Making It As A Middle School Teacher.

Good for upper elementary (and middle school too!) Onomatopoeia art. Use a 1960's batman video for the anticipatory set and Roy Lichtenstein as the artist focus. Love it!

Non-objective Colored Pencil Design....line, shape, form, space, color, value