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Book Hangover: Inability to start a new book because you're still living in the last book's world! i had the longest book hangover after harry potter and divergent

Narnia, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, the Mortal Instruments, and Divergent

the chronicles of narnia-harry potter-percy jackson-the hunger games-the mortal instruments-divergent


Guys when we see the movie we should wear outfits like these! We could wear the fraction that best matches us! Change some of the shoes: combat boots for dauntless and vans for amenity


I've read and fell in love with The Hunger Games, Divergent (Favorite Book EVER!), Beautiful Creatures (The Whole Series), and I am reading Clockwork Angel now! Might try and read the rest (Looking for Alaska is boring though.

Vinyl Wall Art  - A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.... - Vinyl Decals - Sticker - Wall Decal - CustomVinylPrints

"Vinyl Wall Art - A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. - Vinyl Decals - Sticker - Wall Decal - CustomVinylPrints"--- I love this. So true. Live many lives instead of just one.