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Rhode Island  ·  In the simple ways of the cat, we find zen. Check out our webpage for more inspiration, humor & cat wisdom!
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Goal Planner, Habit Tracker, Project Planner, Daily Routine and Bucket List // The Lola Collection by Eliza Ellis. Delicate watercolor design with pretty hand drawn calligraphy font. Available in 4 colors – lilac, viola, snowdrop and peony. Documents print to A4 or A5. Monday and Sunday week starts included.

Printable Goal & Habit Planners including Goals, Projects, Daily Routine and Bucket List // The Cleo Collection by Eliza Ellis. Gorgeous watercolor and handwritten type design. Available in 3 colors – fairyfloss, nimbus and sherbet. Documents print to or

Running List. Top 8 Bullet Journal Ideas for 2016 – Bullet Journal®

This running list: The way it works is by adding the columns for the days of the week and assigning tasks to the day. If it’s recurring, add boxes to that day. If migrated, draw a box to the next day you’ve assigned the task to get done.