Ever feel like you have become a slave to STUFF? While logically most of us understand that more stuff won't make us happier--and in fact might just make our lives more complicated--for many of us, our attachment to stuff happens on an emotional level.

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Oh my gosh... YES! Finally a great way to organize kids school papers once and for all-- from their toddler years through twelfth grade! What a great keepsake to pass on to your kids too! Hundreds of moms are loving this amazing method to organize school papers... and you'll be doing a happy dance once you start using this method too!

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I try to re-use or buy second hand. I make exceptions for neccessities.I also try to support independent businesses and artists

60 Things to Toss Out in the Next 60 Days on Monogrammed Magnolias as a part of the #Toss60 challenge just in time for spring cleaning.

But the problem with clutter is, we're not getting rid of it. We're just finding new ways to organize it.

Your house should reflect your style and taste. I always design my client's spaces with their personality in mind. Nate Berkus Quote at CreatingThisLife.com #interiordesign #decor #art


Download and print for yourself! A cheat sheet – where to begin when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Available in our Free Printable Library (along with 40+ other a

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24 Ways to Simplify Your Life | Values to Live By | www.FrankSonnenbergOnline.com

Zen... the beginning simple steps to simplifying your life. http://zenhabits.net/brief-guide/

Eliminate instead of organise. > Minimalism

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Little Quail: Little girls simple dress 4 way's

Clutter free in 30 days! Tackle your home with reasonable time and effort with this system and FREE printable.

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The Buyerarchy of Needs - how to find what you need for your home. Borrow, Swap, Thrift, Make, THEN Buy!

Free Download to help motivate your clients: Declutter Your Home; 24 Things to Get Rid of with No Regrets

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#MinimalismTips Day 15: Let go of just-in-case items with our 20/20 Rule. We often hold on to things just in case we need them. We don’t let go because we might need something in some far-off, nonexistent, hypothetical future. We pack too much stuff in the remotest chance we might need something for trips and vacations. But we needn’t hold on to these things just in case: we rarely use our just-in-case items—they sit there, take up space, get in the way, weigh us down. Most of the time they ...

7 Hours to a Decluttered Home | Simply Designing

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Declutter your space, declutter your mind......letting in new opportunities for growth.

12 Days of Christmas, KonMari style

Anything you cannot relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness possesses you.

Konmari Method Infographic - Marie Kondo - "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing"

Have you heard of The KonMari Method yet? It's a great way to declutter, tidy, and organize your life. Step One: Clothes.

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