Whether you are CURRENTLY PREGNANT, or will ONE DAY be pregnant, or KNOW SOMEONE who is pregnant, this is a must pin! All the best tips including where to find the best maternity clothes, freebies and deals for pregnant women.

Websites Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About - Mother's Niche


17 French Baby Names That Are Prime for an American Takeover. Stop picking British names. If you're looking for a name for your baby, these are really taking off.

17 French Baby Names That Are Prime for an American Takeover


Literary Baby Names That Will Delight Every Bookworm via @PureWow

Literary Baby Names That Will Delight Every Bookworm


hospital survival kit. Best one for moms by far!

Mecham Family: My Sister Baby Shower Gift!


Do you have a morning routine? What morning rituals help you start your day off right? Here are 7 Habits to Add to Your Morning Routine. Including Free Printable Morning Habits Worksheet!

7 Habits to Add to Your Morning Routine - Morning Motivated Mom


The Crafty Blog Stalker: Why Didn't I Think Of That? 24 Useful Tips

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When you want to know how much i love you, when you are bored, when you cant sleep, when you have a bad day, when you feel lonely, when someone makes you mad, when you want to know what my favorite memory of us is. Gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, kids, friend, sister, mother, father, basically anyone you want to make a lasting impression on. DIY creative cards. #undonestar

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Have you heard of these #ALDI #secrets? Here are some more reasons why shopping at ALDI adds up to even more #savings in your #home!

13 Secrets you don't know about Aldi


Improved Cat Box Cabinets! From a genius website called Ikea Hackers that teaches you how to convert and revamp Ikea furniture.

Improved Cat Box Cabinet - IKEA Hackers


Poncho Nursing Cover - Covers front, back, and sides! (This links to a tutorial for making one from a poly-cotton, but if you made it from jersey knit, you wouldn't even have to finish the edges!)

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Think outside the gift basket "box!" A simple, creative, and inexpensive gift idea for any occasion!

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Ikea Hack Latt Kids Table - painted white, chalkboard paint on top, black vinyl on seats, ikea hanger and metal containers, paper roll on bottom (ikea paper is too long and must be cut, instead buy paper roll from lowes in painting drop cloth section for $3), two wood strips on sides to hold paper and for easy tear off. TIP: when painting do NOT lay all parts out and paint. the bottom pieces do not need paint. Put together without table and seat tops and paint

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Katie Jo

D's next project, this is a need for the boys!!!

Tardis cat scratcher…


cat diy

루루 휠 타워 스크래치 특대형 (LooLoo Wheel Tower Scratch GB)


How to get wax out of old candles to reuse containers.

Jars for Things


A "cake" made from cleaning supplies — great gift for someone moving into a new place!

The Coolest Mom


Tips to get kids to listen without yelling or nagging.

Stop Yelling:: When Staying Calm Isn't Enough - Dirt & Boogers


25 Outdoor Activities to Do with Kids | AllFreeKidsCrafts.com

25 Outdoor Activities to Do with Kids


Heard of a color run? Make it fun for your kids by creating DIY color run powder and having a color war in the backyard! Find awesome summer dessert recipes, craft ideas and more at https://simplycreate.com.

Cutie Booty Cakes: DIY Color Run Powder


Prayer Sticks: popsicle stick with picture of family member or friend. Each day have child draw a name and you both pray for that person. Fabulous way to teach importance of prayer for others and not just your own wants!!

Melissa's Projects


Alternative Uses for Household Items

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26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner's Life Easier

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""I Cut Up My Bridesmaid Dress ~ Bridesmaid Dress into a Baby Quilt...and gifted back to the bride at her baby shower!"" @elizabeth musick

Coffee, Caramel & Cream: I Cut Up My Bridesmaid Dress



20 Reasons Your Parents Are The Absolute Greatest


10 Best Apps for a mom. I'll be happy I pinned this one day!

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