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(Lines 615-617) “His master’s sheep, his animals and hens, pigs, horses, dairies, stores and cattle-pens were wholly trusted to his government.”
Cutest Pig

I know I don't need a piggy but man this guy is cute! 31 Very Important Pigs Are Here To Melt Your Heart

Mother Hen :)

Cold weather chickens – 8 things NOT to do to in winter

Cold weather chickens – 8 things NOT to do to in winter!Personally, I think over-warming the coop should be ~ the warmer the coop, the colder it seems outside & the harder it is to acclimate to that cold.

Cutest Baby Sheep!

This Lamb Bouncing Gleefully Down a Hallway Will Remind You That Everything's Gonna Be Okay

happy little lamb, Wales I can't not smile at this. Ah, I love this lambie!


Designing Your Homestead Vision

Cute cow

How to Raise Beef Cattle for Profit on a Small Farm

You need at least an associate degree to work as a veterinary technician in a clinic, animal hospital, shelter or zoo. However, some colleges offer a bachelor's degree in veterinary technology, .

Cute Sheep

22 Heart Melting Animal Family Portraits

harvestheart: Family of Sheep in West Virginia , Charlotte Geary Photography (via TumbleOn)

Cute cow

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French Country Farm Cows Farmhouse Decor Winter Snow Rustic Warm Sepia Brown White Simple Style Farm Country, Fine Art Print--WANT!

Cutest Pig

7 Tips for the Novice Pig Farmer

7 TIPS FOR THE NOVICE PIG FARMER We are raising our first set of pigs for meat. Here are my top 7 tips for the novice pig farmer.