Kenneth Trueman
Kenneth Trueman
Kenneth Trueman

Kenneth Trueman

The man with the plan to take the golden 'an' to Stan in the van, who will give it to Fran.

And the sweetest smile on Earth. | 17 Reasons Red Pandas Are Earth-Shatteringly Cute

... Le Tour de France ... I've enjoyed watching this event on TV, but I'd really like to have a French picnic lunch somewhere along the route to watch them whiz by in person, wouldn't you?

2013 Tour de France poster. Could be a fun way to incorporate sports, meaningful life connections and the past tense (which is SITLL in our grade 7-10 core curriculum pending a new finalized version) Think: - present tense sports commentating (pretending you're actually there) - interview with athletes after the competition, or at break points along the way - writing a fan letter - what else can you think of?

Neil Stevens - poster of the Tour of Flanders.

Label Wine for Pavè by Riccardo Guasco, via Behance

TdF 100th Edition Poster Set artwork as seen in Velo magazine.

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Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they won't drift apart...

Bunny with #knit scarf and hat @Lindsey Grande Gardner if you get a bunny, I will totally knit this for it!