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Kendall Udoutch
Kendall Udoutch
Kendall Udoutch

Kendall Udoutch

Totally doing this! I love challenges like this to get you reevaluating yourself as a mom or wife.

December Photo a day Challenge

DEC 2011 OCTO PUZZLER: Can you enter 8 numbers into the OctoPlus? Well, sure you can, but the right ones? The rules: No two numbers are the same; all are whole numbers with a value no lower than 1 and no greater than 35. The Clues: 1. E minus C is either 20 or 21. 2. B equals H plus D. 3. A fifth of E is an even number. 4. H equals G plus C 5. D equals F minus G. (continued in comments)

Easier said than done sometimes, but worth our while to strive for...and remember.

Essie Bikini So Teeny.

essie marshmallow♥

DIY Crystal Nails

Glitz and glam