All that lush tea isn't TECHNICALLY a pattern, but it's making us think in matsuri (festival) type ways.

Tea plantation in Kyoto, Japan showing how great green stripes are


Snow in Ginzan Onsen (hot spring) Inn, Obanazawa, Yamagata, Japan. Looks like the place in TV show "Oshin"

Green tea farms are a sight to behold across Japan. This one at Katsuura, Wakayama, Japan

Green tea farm at Katsuura Wakayama, Japan. I TEA a good place to travel aahaha!

Snow Lanterns -Hokkaido, Japan. This is one of my favorite things - when lights shine through a blanket of snow. #美しい #北海道

Snow Lanterns -Hokaido,Japan I had a friend who lived in Hokkaido, how beautiful.

Yoshimine-dera temple, Kyoto, Japan:photo by 92san

My new bucket list item: See a koi pond in Japan. This one is at the Yoshimine-dera temple in Kyoto, Japan.

鳥羽水環境保全センター 雨降るの藤棚 - 92san-photo album 京都の四季

Wisteria pathway at Toba, Kyoto, Japan. Ohhh, we used to have a pathway topped with Wisteria.

Terraced rice fields, Hamanoura, Kyushu, Japan - ©ぱる吉 (Gil Pal) via

Terraced rice fields, Hamanoura, Kyushu, Japan - ©ぱる吉 (Gil Pal) via by nannie