Soviet Women and children take shelter in Moscow’s metro stations during a nazi air raid, 1942, during early days of Great Patriotic War.

World War II, The 1941 – 1945 Great Patriotic War. "Underground Shelter" by Arkady Shaikhet, Russian women and their children in a bomb shelter at the Mayakovskaya Underground Station.

Пермский моторостроительный завод, 1943 год

Even children contributed to the victory. Photo: this Russian kid for 3 years worked shifts as a miller at the tank engine manufacturing plant:

Калининские школьники пишут письма под диктовку раненых бойцов

Kalinin school students write letters from dictation of wounded fighters

6-летний гвардеец Толя Воронов рассказывает о своих боевых подвигах в детском доме N9

Very young Soviet soldier 1945 tells orphans about his combat experiences

Дети калининских колхозников у землянки, где они жили в оккупацию

World War II, Great Patriotic War. Russian children had to live in the dugout, because their house was ruined by the Nazi.

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