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Shoe rack - simple and effective  Brilliant!

Because I am the worst at putting my shoes away! Here is a genius way to keep your shoes by the door - get a coat rack and hang it by the floor. No more messy shoes crowding the door way. Also could work on back of closet door.

hot-glue-gun-tips-country-design-style-PN #gluegun #crafttips

hot-glue-gun-tips-country-design-style-PN The tip about using the rubber thingy to push down into the glued areas is worth a try to these fingertips!

glue gun craft

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! Hot glue trinkets for diy name tags on gifts. This works perfectly! Make sure you use this silicone molds, not super cheap ones or they will melt and stick to the hot glue.