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"Death over designer". The releasing of Jordan retos is often linked to violence across the United States. When a Jordan Retro is re-released, they are only produced at a limited quantity and sold and a seemingly high price. Because these shoes are fairly expensive, they are often affiliated with a social group that can afford to spend a decent amount of money on shoes. -Katie Patchin

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As of recently, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were named one of the 100 most influential fashion icons. They are child stars turned designers whose style influenced not only teenagers and young adults. The twins plan to expand their fashion empire by entering into the field of e-commerce with an on-line shop called, Stylemint. Jasmine B.

Olsen twins emerge TIME fashion icons


All the Details on Prince William & Kate's Upcoming Asia Trip

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been a constant influence on the public ever since their engagement. The Royal Wedding was one of the most watched televised programs in recent history showing their impact on those who follow them. Kate has been a very important influence in new trends and has urged the come back of class into a wardrobe. Overall the power couple has a multitude of influence on the world, as seen in the popularity of their current Diamond Jubilee world tour. Paige…

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One Social Group you hear a great deal about on a regular basis is the Kardashian family. People already tend to follow their lives closely but they also are very intrigued and influenced by their fashion. Now they have gotten into the nail lacquer business and paired with OPI to come up with their nail polish line. Vibrant and interesting nail color has been an ever growing trend and the new Kardashian color will influence more trend setting in the future. Jasmine B.

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Photos: 10 Best Dressed: Week of August 27, 2012

Michelle Obama has been one of the most influential women in the country since becoming the First Lady in 2008. She has not only been commended for her impact on the political world but also her contributions to the fashion world. Her unique yet refined style has become one of the most appreciated, as seen in her status as one of Vogue's top ten best dressed. She exemplifies both class and style in what she wears earning her respect from numerous different types of people. Paige Crowley

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