I change my hair all the time LOL girl code

Blonde hair my entire life, then I go through my first heartbreak, and BAM! I get dark hair, bangs, and grow it super long. I have been through a lot of shit.

girl code #girlcode

You’re crazy… girl code. Funny cause Phil just told me yesterday that he does this.

Girl code

The faces we make while putting on mascara. Funny because it's true Code


The entire 'Girl Code' cast! I'm pretty sure I'm in love with all of them. And as proof that I watch this show too much, I can tell you that this in NOT the entire cast.

girl code #girlcode

I secretly fart all the time. I am a ninja at hiding it

Girl Code

Girl code- You can only show one of the three, sometimes two.but definitely not three lol!

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