CREATION 4  by Lynnholly;  Found bits and pieces, reworked

CREATION 4 by Lynnholly; Found bits and pieces, reworked textile art branch weaving contemporary

Sue Hotchkis Fibre Artist stitched abstract art

Stitched abstract art Contemporary embroidery textile art embroidered printed stitched one off abstract pieces applique discharge printed , silk ,cotton.stitch around paint blobs

I did a piece much like this one many years ago. The twigs are so organic, the fiber colors & manipulation options are endless.

San Miguels Dream by Annoel Krider x sticks, paper, paint & pastel yarn/beads on beeswax/pine resin


Finding inspiration for textile art by Cas Holmes Tin Hau Nice idea for attaching to canvasses

Gallery Embellisher - This is very interesting. Wish I knew who the artist is…

Planting theme Gallery Embellisher Maggie grey A piece of textile, using different types of media.

Michelle Mischkulnig | Chelle Textiles

Here you will find many examples of the larger wall art pieces that I have created over time. A lot of these art works have been in exhibitions and art show, some have w…

Annoel Krider -- the Crossing

Sculptural Weaving - South Western and Adirondack Weaving and Sculpture Gallery :: Adirondack Weaver