Tiger Striped Butterfly by Sandy Keeton

Tiger Striped Butterfly Greeting Card for Sale by Sandy Keeton

Dior Rose Bagatelle Ring - white gold, diamonds, pink sapphires and tsavorite garnets

New Dior Précieuses and My Dior jewels

One of Dior rose garden bloom collections (Dior 'ROSE DIOR BAGATELLE' RING: White gold, diamonds, pink sapphires and tsavorite garnets)

Who else would ignore their fear of snakes just to say they own a PINK LEOPARD PRINT SNAKE!?

I'm not a fan of snakes but this one is beautiful. (I know they have a purpose, they just scare me) Reptiles; sub order Serpentes - Pastel Albino Snake

Young Woman Seated - Pierre Auguste Renoir - circa 1877

(France) Young Woman Seated 1877 by Pierre Auguste Renoir Oil on canvas.