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Quote about happy girls and being pretty

Inspirational Quotes About Happiness - Sweet T Makes Three

"Ah, the smell of salt and sand. There is no elixir on this blessed earth like it." ☆.•*´¨`*•• beach quote Vacation via | eternally classic Can't wait for the beach!

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<3 Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you, for life. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now.

5 Inspirational Quotes To Make Your Life Better


A Year of FHE: New in the MomoPrints shop...

If you get it, you are awesome

If you get it, you are awesome…

Wise-Life quote

Wise-Life quote | Inspiring Love Life Wise Quotes

Once you lose your health, you realize it is the most important thing in this world.

How Losing My Health At Age 23 Inspired A New Version Of Myself

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Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside. #theberry #quotes

Don't worry, be happy

26 Tiny Life Changes That Actually Make A Big Impact

26 Ridiculously Easy Life Changes You Can Make Today

Inspirational Quotes Of The Day

Inspirational Quotes Of The Day - 28 Pics

Positive Statements

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It's all still up to you finally to take the first step to change!

25 Quotes About True Wisdom

Dowager Countess | #Downton #quotes

Here are Dowager Countess's best quotes in Downton Abbey

I hope you know you're capable & brave & significant. Even when it feels like you're not.

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Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see life with a clearer view again.

Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears…

People join because of great vision people leave because of poor leadership #363302

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Quote on anxiety: I will breathe. I will think of solutions, I will not let my worry control me. I will not let my stress level break me. I will simply breathe. And it will be okay. Because I don't quit. -Shayne McClendon.

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