Wear Red Fridays

KXLY 4 & Global Credit Union are asking the community to support our troops by wearing red on Fridays. We are also asking our viewers to share pictures of their loved ones who are currently serving or who have served. Just email your photos to wearredfriday@kxly.com.
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Oldest and youngest living Medal of Honor recipients...(95 yr old Nicholas Oresko-US Army; 23 yr old Dakota Meyer-US Marine Corp) Thank you to all the men and women serving in the military.

We all know someone who is currently serving our country or someone who has served our country. In honor of these service members, KXLY 4, the KXLY Radio Group and Global Credit Union are asking you to show your support for our troops by wearing red on Fridays. #kxly #globalcreditunion #wearredfridays

This is a picture of a shadowbox made in memory of Randy McComb for the 50 Year Class Reunion at Central Valley High School. Randy was a Vietnam era pararescue airman. His friend Robert will be wearing red on Fridays to show support of his service. #kxly #globalcreditunion #wearredfridays

This picture was sent in by Ric Meyer, who is shown here with his dad. His dad is 52 years old and is "still going strong." He is currently serving in the Army National Guard but was a member of the US Air Force when Ric was younger. Ric shared this photo with KXLY to let his dad know how grateful he is to have him around. #kxly #globalcreditunion #wearredfridays

Janet Peterson shared this photo of her dad, Sven Peterson (also known as "Swannie"), with us just one day before the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. Swannie served with the 21st Infantry and landed on Omaha Beach during the invasion of Normandy. She said he "is still alive to tell you about it." Surely he has some interesting stories, thanks for sharing this great picture with us Janet. #kxly #globalcreditunion #wearredfridays #dday

This is a picture of Garet Dax. He entered the Navy in July of 2013, just one month after graduating from Selkirk High School. He is stationed in Washington DC as a member of the Navy Honor Guard. Your family is extremely proud of you Garet! #kxly #globalcreditunion #wearredfridays

Sarina shared this picture of her brother and sister-in-law, Master Sergeant Jim Brown and Tech Sergeant Nina Brown, who are stationed on Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. Thank you for your dedicated service Mr. and Mrs. Brown. #kxly #globalcreditunion #wearredfridays

This was a nice surprise when we checked the wearredfriday@kxly.com inbox - what an awesome welcome home surprise! Robert "Bud" Brannon welcomed his daughter-in-law, Cathleen Brannon, home from her tour in South Africa with a message mowed in his backyard in Onion Creek, WA. #kxly #globalcreditunion #wearredfridays

Sandy O'Conner shared this picture of her son, Terrence O'Conner, who is an Army Medic with the 101st in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. He is currently serving a deployment in Afghanistan. Thank you for for fighting for our country Terrence! #kxly #globalcreditunion #wearredfridays

Global's Staff, three of whom are pictured above, will be wearing red every Friday through Labor Day, to recognize American troops fighting for our freedoms. #kxly #globalcreditunion #wearredfridays

Darla shared this picture of Sgt. Wesley Cox shown here with his daughters during the homecoming of his 4th tour to Iraq. Welcome home Sgt. Cox!

Tracy Birchmier, is a very proud mom and will be wearing red for her son Jacob E. Birchmier, DCFR US Navy. Jacob is currently deployed at sea until January. His home base is in Norfolk, VA but he is originally from Coeur d'Alene, ID. His family is extremely proud of him and his decision to serve our country.

Fred's Appliance wears red on Fridays! Here is a picture of their service department showing off their red!

We would like to thank our partner Global Credit Union for their help in launching our Wear Red Fridays campaign. Global Credit Union has a long and proud history of supporting military members and their families. Please make sure you stop by any of their local locations to pick up a SUPPORT OUR TROOPS wristband!!

De Williams will be wearing red to support "her Marine"

Russell Golsbary shared this picture of his father during WWII. He was a SeaBee who helped rebuild the harbor at Guam. Russell was so inspired by his father that he joined the Navy when he was 19 years old.

Steve Caron sent us this picture of his nephew, TJ Caron. TJ has served one tour in Iraq and two tours in Afghanistan. After 10 years of service TJ has decided to re-enlist. Thank you for your service TJ!

Tammy Wasson will be wearing red to support her son, Michael Gump, shown here hugging his three little girls before he left in April. Michael will be deployed until October. Stay safe Michael, we will be thinking of you!

The Rupert family and friends will be wearing red in honor of Sgt Allen, Corey 4th Medical Battalion Inspector-Instructor who is currently stationed in California. Thank you for your service Sgt Allen!

TJ Morgan sent us this picture. He proudly served our country as a US Marine. This picture was taken on promotion day in 1979 at Sigonella, Sicily.

TJ Morgan will wear red to support his son Shane with the US Marines. This photo is from Shane's boot camp graduation in 2011.

Henry Lee Beebe, Army Air Corps WWII, B-17 waist gunner flying bombing raids over Germany from a base in Italy. Henry was born in Spokane in 1923 and has since passed. Thank you for your service Henry!

This is a wonderful picture of Jack Cady, who served aboard the USS Ticonderoga in the waters off of Vietnam as a machinist mate from 1965-1967.

Karen Appleby and family will be wearing red in honor of Sgt. Lauren May who returned home Memorial Day weekend from a 5 year long tour of duty as an MP in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Welcome home Lauren!

KXLY 4 & Global Credit Union are asking you to wear red on Fridays starting Friday, May 24th through Friday, September 6th to support our troops. Stop by the KXLY studios or any Global Credit Union location to also pick up a red "Support Our Troops" wristband.