Animal sketches by Detkef on DeviantArt

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Cat 5

Cats Poses References by Eifi--Copper on DeviantArt Tap the link Now - Luxury Cat Gear - Up to off and Free Worldwide Shipping! Check out our Cat

Cooler Geeks - Dragon Heads by ~KatePfeilschiefter on deviantART...Wicked cool!! :D #geeky #coolthingstobuy #thatseasier

Dragon Heads by ~KatePfeilschiefter on deviantART. Not just typical dragon heads, but taken from all kinds of animals :-)

VERY useful, and not just for wolves! I will have to repin this onto my feline board when it's up :3

As people have been asking me for a wolf-anatomy-tutorial showing how to draw a wolf from zero. I know my own art is far from perfect, so I'm not &.

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Super series of illustrations entitled Bear Concepts by Therese Larsson aka SIlly Beast Illustration from Stockholm, Sweden.

horse. Every illustrator/drawerer should read this. Super helpful horse running tips that I had no idea about. I've been drawing them wrong basically my whole life.

I felt like doing a second part of the horse tutorial, just cause. And someone wanted tips on movement. I'm no expert, but I reccommend anyone get "How to Draw Animals" by Jack Hamm, cause he goes .

GWさんはTwitterを使っています: "けも足とは。そんなものは存在しない 嘘です。 概念的にはあると思います。でも最初からなんとなく描いちゃうのもアレだと思うんすよね"

GW on

GWさんはTwitterを使っています: "けも足とは。そんなものは存在しない 嘘です。 概念的にはあると思います。でも最初からなんとなく描いちゃうのもアレだと思うんすよね"