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Audi R8R Out of this world concept design! looks amazing!

Audi Out of this world concept design!so sleek. so FAST


In daily life. For cars that we use everyday, they need to make them to be used under any circumstances so technology is applied to wheels, engine, crystal, etc. this makes possible for humans to travel using cars

Blue Tron inspired Lamborghini

Blue Tron inspired Lamborghini I'll call this my Night Rider :-)


Car with unique paint work - Bugatti classic car One may not have thought it possible back in 1963 that a particular Porsche model that ca.

Subaru WRX

i actually know the guy who owns this car! i was in the navy and used to take my subie to his shop!

Taxi in Dubai...

Dubai is renowned for luxurious excess. This is a Bugatti Veyron taxi. Dubai doesn't have a reputation for having challenging taxi drivers, though given the price of the Veyron this is hardly surprising.