Artful Gardens, Buckingham

Mark & Lisa Tracy have one of the most beautiful gardens. So much color & creativity. It always a work in progress expanding, and coming up with new ideas! I'm a pretty good photographer, but my pictures do this garden no justice. It's amazing in person if your ever so lucky to see it!
39 Pins

Colorful art

Sugar Skull Tractor

Sitting area-work in progress

Front porch

Turtle island in Koi pond

Path to fire pit

Beautiful Orchid hanging from the tree with spanish moss.

Splash of color.....

Imagine Sitting Bench....Love the colors.

Colorful bird houses for the garden.

Green Bench

More Flower beds.

Pretty Colorful Flower Bed.

Planter idea

So pretty

Blue Bottle tree

Entry to Koi Pond

Red resting bench....Neat idea for a metal headboard!

Mark loves glass bottles. Especially blue! If any one knows where to get hem let us know!

Splash of color...

This is the Vegetable/Bottle Garden...

Brilliant color!

Coral Rock that looks like a skull.

A drain grate made into beautiful art!

A Koi Pond Mark built.