Take an old (or new $15 from WalMart) bookshelf, put wainscoating on the back, and add a piece of molding...paint it the color you prefer and you have a new, updated bookshelf.

I know this is a Girls room, but I really like the set up, Stripes on the walls (in cool boy colors) Matching frames all lined up and the shelves, a good place to organize toys and still have style. Imagine this in Pixar decor

LOVE this shared boy and girl bedroom... wondered how we'd manage if we had a little girl and had to bunk her with El until C went to college...

Floating shelves in bedroom with baskets on them, can I just put floating shelves everywhere- I love them!

Hang board games on the play room wall (no glass front in frame) with a baggie on the back to hold pieces! Take down and play when you want!

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