DIY Photo Quilt!!! Do photo/tshirt blanket

Photo memory quilts are wonderful gifts and make great keepsakes. This DIY will show you how to make your own photo memory quilt.

the bride guide: how to change your last name. Good, because I have NO idea.

For future reference, the bride guide: how to change your last name. bless whoever pinned this!

One Day: Marriage: {10 things} That Have Made All the Difference This is probably the best advice I have ever read about marriage!

10 things that make all the difference in a marriage and relationship… absolute cutest thing ever! 10 things that make all the difference in a marriage and relationship… absolute cutest…

So her grandpa and dad could actually walk her down the aisle. This melts my heart.

Her dad had passed away so she put tiny picture charms of her father on her shoes so he could literally walk her down the aisle. This melts my heart, I love this idea although my dad hasn't passed away.

TO DO: After the wedding, donate all the live flowers to a nursing home. Deliver them in person and try to personally give one to all the ladies that live there. Ask them if they have any marriage advice for you! I'm definitely doing this

a wonderful thing to do - after the wedding, donate all the live flowers to a nursing home or hospital. Such a sweet idea. The ladies in the nursing home would love them!

For the ones who can't be there. <3

Adding photos of your loved ones to your bridal bouquet is a great way to remember family members who can't be with you on your big day. And the charms make for a personalized bouquet heirloom that you can pass on to siblings and cousins.

Wedding band

Eternity Ring I want sparkle. I can have a small engagement ring if I can have a band like this!

bride & her mamma:) very sweet

30 Emotional Mother-of-the-Bride Moments

Behind every bride on her wedding day is an important figure: her mom! Capture special and precious mother daughter wedding photos with our photo ideas.

"On our wedding day, my groom gave me an engraved bible (with my married name on it)."-- future husband, take note.

On the wedding day, the groom gave the bride an engraved bible (with married name on it) This would be a precious and priceless gift. With a note from the groom. Umm, someone please inform my future husband that I want this.


Pic while entering the Church : Mermaid Lace Wedding Gown. I love the Cathedral veil and the bow on the back of the dress!

Cute website for Bachelorette stuff

Cute website for Bride/Bridesmaid stuff. Gift ideas for my ladies! Purple would be great, but pink is good too.

cinderella style. YSL. wedding shoes

There are 12 tips to buy these shoes: ysl platform talon yves saint laurent white luxe luxury glitter sparkle heels sparkle yves saint laurente high heels stilettos bling glitter germany white dress black dress sparkle pumps sparkly heels.

His vows are the sweetest ever. "Have you all met my wife"

Ohmygosh, this man's vows. This video is a guaranteed tear jerker. No, seriously, tears are streaming down my face. I want a video like this one for my wedding.

shot for grooms book

Bride's Wedding Underwear, Dress Undergarments, Boudoir shoot, Bridal Support, Shapewear and Honeymoon Lingerie. Grooms gift from the bride morning of wedding- Boudoir photos

Lavender and Ash: Wedding Buzz-Outdoor Chandeliers

Speaking of magic. isn't this straight out of a fairytale? The beautiful arch with a hanging, crystal chandelier. If this isn't ideal for a fairytale wedding, I'm not sure what is. The gardens in the background don't hurt either. This is perfect

Mother of the Groom gift, this is so sweet!

off SALE Mother of the Groom gift, heart locket necklace, secret message inside, FREE personalized notecard, jewelry box.