I've been doing this for the past 5 min! It works best with Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon. THIS THING IS AWESOME!

Try it with any song…

update: I tried with all my songs and yes I know it doesn't work with every song. I just think it works if you play the song on time or it works with some sort of upbeat song. But yea, it doesn't work perfectly like you would expect.

Literally how I pack

HAHA how girls pack by jenna marbles! (SUPER DUPER LONG PIN) However, as a girl who leaves for vacation this week. this is accurate.>> this is literally me every time I pack

This made me laugh

Devolution of hot

This is how dumb body shaming is. <--- it's body shaming when you're naturally thin, not when you're clearly starving yourself for a beauty ideal. Insinuating that narcissism is evolution is also fucking stupid.


Relatable Post "I hate when part of my outfit I mentally planned is in the laundry.

Woah!...Mind Blown

Wait, this can’t be true…

I know Fairly Odd Parents is Nickelodeon and Wreck it Ralph is Disney, but it's still cool.

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman has revealed the world’s largest rubber duck in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. The giant inflatable rubber duck is a floating sculpture that measures 13 x 14 x 15 meters. The duck will remain in the harbour until June

Do, Don't, and Please Don't

Do, Don't, and Please Don't :D (but cut off shorts-please don't. Any kind of cut off shorts.

Different types of whales

Different types of whales

its funny. but sad tht it says to like or a whale dies. causee i doubt thatss true. but the whales are funy haha" pre-poster A baby whale wil die. as if!


i will never be able to look at the "&" symbol the same again