Great light box how to for tracing images -  never thought of this!

Craft Light Box "A light box . to trace patterns onto paper and cloth. This light box is cheap, safe and easy to build - I put it together in two hours." Could be a great idea!

30 Ways to Promote Fine Motor Skills (Activities & Materials)

Promote Fine Motor Skills with 30 Materials & Activities

30 Kids Activities & Materials for Promoting Fine Motor Skills. Gotta work on fine motor since Bryton didn't do so well on his M-FUN again this year.

Use shower curtain liner, permanent markers.. and then kids write with dry/wet erase markers. INSIDE RECESS

Use shower curtain liner, permanent markers. and then kids write with dry/wet erase markers. INSIDE RECESS/ dry erase markers erase permanent marker, may want to try painting stripes on

Great idea for a word wall!! Just use a clothespin to hang the words on the ribbon!

I think I might go for the ribbon word wall this year. So much easier. Just use clothespins to clip the words on. Easy and flexible throughout the year.

Busy bag ideas for kindergarten free time or "I'm done, now what?!"

BEST resource I've seen with ideas for keeping toddler/pre-k kids busy! The busy bag exchange idea is GENIUS!

NOISE...removing one letter at a time when our voice level gets too loud. When NO is left, there is NO more talking!

NOISE…remove one letter at a time when students' voice level gets too loud. When NO is left, there is NO more talking allowed. Good reminders for indoor recess or group work

Paint Chips for student passwords- heck yes!

25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers (Use a ring of paint chips for student log-ins and passwords they use in your room!

big mouth frog for pretend play & finemotor

Big Mouth Frog - fun way to work on fine motor and in-hand manipulation skills (Parmesan cheese container) Easy to make and fun to do with the kids!

Vowel Tree

A Vowel Tree helps children develop the pre-reading skill, word blends. Move down the trunk until you’ve demonstrated all of the word blends: ra, re, ri

Sight word sundaes--too cute!

Sight Word Literacy Center Kindergarten Lesson Plan or use scoops with uppercase letters to match cones with lowercase letters or vice versa

beginning sound stamp

beginning sounds and middle sounds worksheets - Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Literacy Center Freebie (Corey: I don't have clear letter stamps, but I have a couple sets of letter stamps that are just on wood blocks)

Easy DIY Play-Dough Accessories made from outlet plugs

Easy DIY Play-Dough Accessories made from outlet plugs. We have tons of these outlet covers.

Sort letters by their features

Jungle fun File folder game of sorting letters by characteristics. Math-sorting and literacy-letters.

Group Expectations. I really liked this poster because it's fun and pleasant to look at. I think it's important to have classroom rules and expectations up around the classroom so the students have reminders about acceptable behavior. I would probably hang this by a group work area in a classroom for a younger grade.

Group Expectations Bulletin Board Set

Melissa Acosta This is a great acronym to use to create rules for students when they work in groups. I love the idea of using acronyms to help students remember classroom rules.