Literacy Centers. This site is AMAZING!

Word Tower Jenga game -- write down the sight words you pull from the tower.

Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!: Anchor Charts

Independent reading chart: I like how it emphasizes reading for enjoyment and the student chooses what they read, It helps to emphasize what independent reading is about

FREE Daily 5 Poster: "Books are like shoes: they need to be a good fit for YOU!"

Freebie poster First Grade in Foxwell Forest: I'm Lovin' Daily 5 on the Fifth! {A Monthly Linky Party with a Giveaway and Freebies!

My 2nd Grade Schedule Part 1: Daily 5

A Day in the 2nd Grade Life Part 1: Daily 5

"Our Readers Workshop Contract" (anchor chart.) This site also has lots of sample anchor charts for reading and writing. I like this idea for Writer's Workshop too!

Literacy Stations. Great description how she lets the students choose which center they want to do and how she organizes her literacy time.

adapt to math daily 5 check in.YES FINALLY! This is exactly what I've been looking for .plus it's a great site for other ideas!