Wow. In a perfect world we would all live this way. Until then, each day we can strive to be better than the day before.

Shakespeare did NOT say this its actually parts of a poem by william ward that someone used to make this poem. Its still a good quote but not shakespeare

She loved too much -Ariana eyecandypictures

She loved too much -Ariana.poem of the week.this is me.describes me.I will never break someone's heart.& yes, I put everyone ahead of me.this is me.

yep...right back to work and everyday life...a few months later and everyone has forgotten...

It doesn't matter how long it's been, the grief is still strong. I either cry a ton or the tears don't come because the heartache is too deep. Today I cry and my heart aches.

“Don’t cling to a mistake because we you spent a long time making it ”

This is me towards my first love. When I think of him, my heart still skips a beat. When we chat, my heart still skips a beat. When I see you in the halls, my heart still skips a beat. I guess you never do stop loving your first love.

some days this is just how I feel fighting Trigeminal Neuralgia.