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    Kimberly Cooperrider
    Kimberly Cooperrider
    Kimberly Cooperrider

    Kimberly Cooperrider

    • Seattle, WA
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    Gardening on a small urban lot in the Pacific Northwest.

    back gate idea; want to use part of the metal fencing as accent inlets

    Tulip 'Marilyn' - this is their second year. Last year they looked much pinker than advertised, but this year they look like the pictures from the bulb catalog. Very strange.

    Tulip 'Little Beauty' - grows about 4 to 6 inches tall.

    The creepy spidery plant is Pseudopanax ferox - a New Zealand tree that grows like this up to 12 feet tall, then morphs into a normal looking tree. It's thought that it evolved alongside the flightless bird the Moa that can browse and nibble up to 12 feet tall - thus the spiny tough leaves until it gets to the magic safe height.

    The vendor I bought this iris from had gotten it as a pass along plant with no name, but it has the darkest purple foliage I've ever seen on an iris.

    Daffodil 'Flower Drift' and Corokia 'Sunsplash'

    Tulip 'Algarve' - pics of this tulip online vary between pale pink and deep rose color. Mine are pale pink, but they are just starting to bloom and may deepen with age.

    Wallflower in front of Santolina

    Hellebore and Brunnera 'Looking Glass'

    Digitalis furruginea (Rusty Foxglove)

    Rose 'Honor Elizabeth' and Agrostemma 'Milas' - a self-seeding annual. June 2013.

    Rose 'The Fairy' with golden Pelargonium and purple Heuchera and Sedums. The dusky purple foliage keeps the pink and chartreuse corner from looking too pastel and twee.

    A June bee in the Chartreuse and Pink corner.

    Knautia 'Thunder and Lightning', rose and white annual Stock, and a pink Dahlia in June.

    Thalictrum (Meadow Rue) and Polka Rose in June 2013.

    Spiraea thunbergii ‘Ogon’ (Golden Spirea) - blooms before it really leafs out. Next step will be golden new leaves that then fade to chartreuse before turning red in the fall. Small shrub that really earns its place in the garden.

    Narcissus 'Rip van Winkle' is about 8 inches tall and fully double.