52 uses for coconut oil

52 Uses for Coconut Oil – The Simple, The Strange, and The Downright Odd! Always, always have coconut oil on hand ; ------- I use extra virgin for consumption, plain organic for body care. Didn't really moisturize my hair though.

Cut the bottoms off wine bottles to use for candle covers! How cool looking- and keeps the wind from blowing them out!

Great Idea: Cut the bottoms off of wine bottles to use for candle covers and it keeps the wind from blowing them out. -- but can someone tell me how to cut wine bottles in half?

need to make this tomorrow! I would have this up all year round... let people think I am a gorgon!! LOL LOL LOL

Funny pictures about Halloween snake wreath. Oh, and cool pics about Halloween snake wreath. Also, Halloween snake wreath.

Glass beaded wind chimes

They shine and shimmer, glitter and glimmer. They catch the sunlight and glow at twilight. Crystal baubles, gem stones, acrylic and glass beads can add as much dazzle to your garden decor as they do to your jewelry collection. For magic trees.

This woman makes it so easy to learn how to knit.

Knitting videos, Knitting lessons and Knitting advice from Hollywood knitter to the stars,Casting on video

DIY 'Light Bright' Installation from Blueprint Magazine

Light Bright Canvas Constellation Art - 20 Cheap and Affordable DIY Home Decor Ideas.beautiful for baby of young child room as night light

Circle weaving tutorial... you can join together to make a rug!!

wednes-diy: rope swirl tapestries

Owl found object sculpture.  Cute  :-)

Owl sculpture with recycled materials (bottle caps, stove covers, jar lids.