Kyndal ❥ Dreading

Kyndal ❥ Dreading

The Kitchen / Might be to punk rock for you❥ Blue hair dont care❥ Ballerina for life❥
Kyndal ❥ Dreading
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Oh my fucking asdfjakahsgdhhakskdjfhsjkaf is Ashton even real? Because the feels just stopped my heart for like 10 seconds

[imma say they are still switched cuz i wanna rp that] Ashton lays in his room reading a book. ashton quickly grabs a blanket and puts it on himself.

“when ur crush says hi to you when ur crush asks how ur doing ” when ur crush gets a girlfriend ”

cheeky harry

Am I the only one wid those feeelllsssss.this boy is death to me . Baby look what you've done to me!*in louis' voice*HARREH.