"Respect people who find time for you I'm their busy schedule. But love people who never look at their schedule when you need them. I only know of one person in my life who does either.


A priceless reaction…

Funny pictures about A priceless reaction. Oh, and cool pics about A priceless reaction. Also, A priceless reaction.

Faith In Humanity Restored

Nope, not crying, my eyes are just spitting in my face. But the only other thing I ha was peeing on my face so.

hate how cliche it is, but you should have standards based on the Lord's teachings, not the worlds. and you should be running after God with your whole entire heart, not waiting for it to be filled with a man.

Love Imagine a man so focused on God that the only reason he looked up to see you is because he heard God say, that\'s her.: Imagine a man so focused on God that the only reason he looked up to see you is because he heard God say, that's her.

I LOVE this so much, because it perfectly describes my fiance and how he treats me! http://weddingmusicproject.bandcamp.com/album/brides-guide-to-classical-wedding-music

The greatest gift you can give someone is the space to be his or herself without the threat of you leaving.I wish I had that gift

Drive-in movie tailgate date <3 What a lovely idea for this summer!

148 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Married Couples. I really want to do this to the car or truck and go to the drive in movies!

The Husband List: 12 Non-Negotiables- This looks like a great Christian blog- definitely want to check this out later

The Husband List - These are non-negotiables.and I hate that I totally let red flags slide. It's so hard to find a godly man that fits this. It makes my heart heart. I'm tired of waiting.

For having healthy, grown-up relationships:

19 Charts That Will Help You Be An Actual Adult

Nest: THIS is how to handle an introvert who is upset and doesn't have the words to talk about it yet.


Today's a day I need a nest, and more importantly someone to join me. Who ever needs a nest, let's build one. Post random funny things in the comments, start a conversation. We'll all be together in our nest.