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When you finally get to that place, after you've hiked and hiked, where you can't see any evidence of humankind, not a plane not a telephone pole, not a single bit of litter, just beautiful nature - everywhere, THAT is bliss.

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I <3 reading!

I am a reader not because I don't have a life, but because I choose to have many - that is SO TRUE! I love this. You/I am the main character(s). We live their story.

I'm sure we all have have some type of regret in our life. Whether it's a big or small regret. Maybe some people have no regrets and I think that's rare.


Rottenecards - There are two types of people in the world People that understand and appreciate Sarcasm Idiots

*considers moving to finland*

Funny pictures about How they refer to your romantic partner. Oh, and cool pics about How they refer to your romantic partner. Also, How they refer to your romantic partner.