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    Proud Grandparents of A Dozen Good Looking and Smart Grandchildren! New GG Hayden & Brinley OR Remmy & Retta.

    Eggnog Snickerdoodles -- the richest & chewiest you'll ever eat! SO addictive. This is the only eggnog cookie recipe you'll ever need!

    Free Christmas Tree ༺✿ƬⱤღ✿༻

    Missing Your Love Quotes | Best Quotes Wallpapers Images Ever On Life of All Time about Love On ...

    Pie Cookies - Perfect Thanksgiving dessert!- will use a different filling

    Perfect for Christmas / Gingerbread Desserts

    Emergency room antidotes that nurses or nursing students should know. The following is a list of different antidotes for different agents. Common antidotes.

    anatomy of piggyback and med ports on basic IV set

    Do You Know The Difference Between Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism

    White Chocolate Raspberry Cake for Christmas

    The Best Cherry Pie Recipe. Someday I will endeavor to make a pie from scratch.

    Move over, pumpkin pie, there’s a new favorite in town. Delicious pumpkin cheesecake bars combine the beloved flavor of pumpkin and the velvety goodness of cheesecake. With a flavorful graham cracker crust, creamy cheesecake layer, fluffy pumpkin, and cinnamon-topped whipped cream, the guests are sure to fight over the last piece. Take advantage of eBay’s easy recipe to make these dreamy bars for your next get-together.

    get rid of knee pain wth these natural remedies

    Nurse : "You want me to do what?"

    30 Minute Baby Quilt - Easy baby quilt pattern that makes a fantastic baby shower gift DIY! Make one of the best baby shower gifts to give in under an hour.

    For those battling colds and other mucus-related events... Not sore throat related, but still good info for my students.

    Woodstock | Pinned by Tara Blais Davison

    Grain Crazy: Chunky Monkey Smoothie (No added sugar)

    The final mountain that nursing students must summit before becoming a registered nurse is the NCLEX. Preparing for the NCLEX can be stressful as taking in colossal amounts of information has never been easy. This is where this cram sheet can help–it contains condensed facts about the licensure exam and key nursing information. When exam time comes, you can write and transfer these vital information from your head to a blank sheet of paper provided by the testing center.

    It was two years ago today that God called you home. Mom we miss you daily, you are always in my thoughts.

    It was two years ago today that God called you home. Mom we miss you daily, you are always in my thoughts.

    days will pass and turn into years, but i will always remember you with silent tears

    Oregano Oil is an extraordinarily powerful natural anti-biotic. Oregano has been found in a recent study to be significantly better than all of the 18 currently used anti-biotics in the treatment of MRSA staph infection

    This alopecia treatment has transformed my hair completely. I used to have very thin brittle hair that would fall off just by rubbing my scalp. I was scared to wash it because I ended up with tons of hair in my hands. I can’t believe how beautiful it looks now. The hair loss has reduced enormously and my when I grap my hand around I feel like have so much more hair now. I am so happy with this product!

    Congestive Heart Failure 101. How to care for your CHF patients. What symptoms and labs to monitor. What to avoid. #cardiac #nursingschool nursenightingale1...

    Carb Free Cloud Bread. (made with cottage cheese and eggs = protein)

    Oopsie bread - A bread without carbs. OMG this is awesome. Make these and you won't crave bread. Another pinner says-"I've been eating these for over a week now instead of bread - it really works. I've lost 6 pounds in one week :) by eliminating carbs."

    ☮ Peanuts humorous quotes, Charlie Brown, Snoopy ~ ☮レ o √乇 ❥ L❃ve ☮~ღ~*~*✿⊱☮

    Fairburn Agate - I heard recently that these things are actually a Thunder Egg. Well Shoot. If so I think maybe we got a lesser quality in looks selection than S.D.

    These replaces your traditional shoelaces, and turns any pair of lace-up shoes into comfortable slip-ons while keeping them secure on your feet.