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<3 Kushina, Naruto & Minato

Kushina thought Naruto will laugh if she did the same as Minato but Naruto ended up getting scared xD


Naruto, Minato, and Kushina - Noooo! Never happened. My poor feels!


Shikamaru and Temari's first child! Aww Uncle Gaara and Uncle Kankuro are so happy!


Sasuke sending a gift to Sarada while he's away. Sakura having Sarada write a cute letter to send back to Papa. Sasuke recieved the letter and dies of cuteness~

Adorable :3

AWWWWWW so cute Sakura join them of her own accord . I wish I could be cuddled and squished by Kakashi too!

Sand siblings, Shikadai, and Shikamaru #Naruto

Sand siblings, Shikadai, and Shikamaru Shikru is me lazy, hates to do things, gets bored easily like man I'm Shikamaru

Gaara. Needs. SLEEP.makes sense can't sleep if you re possessed like gaara with shakuku

makes sense can't sleep if you re possessed like gaara with shakuku" Ah haha! I never thought of that

Naruto » Humor » Comic | The Sand's Morning: "The key to a good day lies within the hair!" | #gaara #kankurou #temari #sandsiblings

Lol, I love the idea that Temari's the reason that Kankuro wears his hat but we all know she wouldn't dare touch Gaara's head. Plus, I already know Kankuro dresses like that in theme with his puppets, not to hide his hair. Still this is a funny joke.