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Phoenix Tattoo Design " I will rise from the ashes of my pain no longer will I be held down with chains "

The phoenix tattoo design I am going to get at the end of my journey. I am a Phoenix rising from the ashes!

35 Tattoos Every Basic Girl Secretly Wants

The Hunger Games film adaptation hits theaters on Friday, but the trilogy has long had legions of fans, with Katniss's mockingjay bird pendant serving as their unofficial symbol. Here, find the stories of 10 people so moved by the books that they decided

Mother Daughter Tattoos: 99 Adorable Ideas and Meanings

A mother daughter tattoo is an excellent way to immortalize this very special bond. These tattoos can be a like a gift they give each other. - Part 4

this would make an incredible tatt

Beer Can Butterflies Paul Villinski crafts elaborate installations depicting flocks of butterflies in motion. All with recycled and repurposed materials; his butterflies use aluminum cans. Paul Villinski Beer Can Butterflies DIY Upcycling Cans

Feminine Arrow Tattoo | File Name : bow+and+arrow+tattoo.jpg Resolution : 600x600 Image Type ...

I like the bow part of this tattoo, but the arrows are also nice. Maybe do it with a single arrow so it isn't as busy.