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Creative and Useful Health Life Hacks You Can Start Trying Now

We have rounded up some creative and useful life health hacks that you can start trying now. I love Life Hacks!

Life Hacks #1297 - Buy a house or apartment near a hospital. Your power will always be restored before everyone else's.

True, but it may take a while to learn to ignore the sirens, horns, radio calls from emergency vehicles - especially at night.

1000 Life Hacks

1000 Life Hacks - If you're in an area where you should have cell phone service but don't, put your phone on airplane mode and then switch it back. This will cause your phone to register and find all the towers in your vicinity.


Eating an orange before workout keeps you hydrated and prevents muscle soreness.

1000 Life Hacks

Have a pounding migraine headache? Try eating spinach instead of popping a pill. Magnesium is used in the ER to treat migraine attacks, and spinach contains loads of magnesium as well as riboflavin.

1000 Life Hacks

I need to do this after I put items in the cart and before purchasing to see if there is a code out there I can use!

OMG SO Smart!! Life Hacks - Must remember this!

1000 Life Hacks-song stuck in your head and can't remember the title! I'm glad someone thought of this

Life Hack...dont know if it works, but hey !! its worth a try !! Those pesky pesky people !

MUST TRY, If it works, tell your mother Getting a call from a telemarketer? Don't say anything, just press on your phone. It'll add your number to the "don't call" list.