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LabAroma is an efficient and accurate software tool for anyone wanting to formulate their own essential oil blends. It also considers international legislation

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Aromatherapy Certification Program Online

This molecule is CAMPHOR. It is a KETONE. Therapeutic properties: analgesic, anti-tussive (reduces cough), CNS stimulant (central nervous system), mucolytic (thins mucous). Oils that contain camphor: Rosemary ct camphor (R officinalis ct camphor), Fingeroot (Boesenbergia pandurata), Spike Lavender (L. latifolia) #naturalremedies #healing #aromatherapy #onlineclasses #herbs #aromahead

I have an essential oils group on Facebook and a question I receive quite often is: what essential oils can I use for anxiety? I have been testing some anti-anxiety ...

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Eliane teaching chemistry in Dresden, Germany AROMA PFLEGE FORUM DEUTSCHLAND: Biochemie in der Aromapflege-Ausbildung - mit allen Sinnen

A great remedy for pain and healing of cold sore blisters.

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A small guide to Nature's fragrances - aspects of the chemistry of the essential oils (and other materials of perfumery or culinary interest)

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Use sweet orange in a massage blend to relax and provide energy after a hard days work, or for a facial massage. During times of illness, diffuse orange in the house as an environmental disinfectant.

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